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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is essentially a dental procedure to save a tooth which would otherwise need to be extracted. At Medident our Dental Head Dr. Meeta Malik who is fully qualified and experienced Root Canal Specialist, through her technologically advanced practice, - takes utmost care that her patients receive pain-free treatment.

Procedure: The most important step before beginning treatment is accurate clinical diagnosis based on symptoms. During the root canal treatment, we clean the pulp chamber and enlarge the canal. Once the pulpal tissue is removed, the remaining area is disinfected, medicated and obturated (sealed) only when the patient is devoid of infection. This procedure seals off the canal, preventing the spread of infection to other teeth. Root canal treatment can be done in a single or more sittings depending upon the condition of the tooth (infection) and patient's symptoms.

Post Procedure:

Because a root canal treatment removes the pulp from inside the tooth, the tooth becomes more brittle and may break more easily if it is not covered with a crown or cap. Therefore, at Medident we always advise to get the tooth capped after a root canal treatment.  After full coverage restoration (crown), the tooth continues to function like any other tooth.

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